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Interpretation is a high-level professional challenge for linguists. Therefore, only linguists fulfilling the minimum requirement of possessing all nuances of the target language make good interpreters. Not only our translators, all of our interpreters as well have what it takes: up-to-date professional knowledge, the respective professional qualifications, plus several years of experience. While providing interpretation and translation services, we carefully choose the expert who suits your needs the most, be it about a business meeting or -event, or interpreting from the booth.

However, in addition to professional skills, certain soft skills are essential for interpretation. Besides of knowing the business protocol, utmost discretion is also a prerequisite of being an interpreter. Our Translation Agency is exclusively working with interpreters we guarantee to suit your needs whether for working from the booth, at a meeting or events. Our interpreters  are extensively experienced, starting from Court trials through business meetings and conferences to simultaneous interpreting in the EU Parliament.

Do you need an interpreter for the next day or you just have found out about an unexpected and urgent business event? Rest assured – we provide the right support for you. Ring + 36 30 318 8399 or request a quote online for our team to start preparing your individual price quote right away.


Simultaneous/Conference Interpretation

The interpretation follows the original speech with very little delay. Interpreters usually speak in a microphone while listening to the original delivery through headphones, however, simultaneous interpreting of business meetings is gaining relevance as well. Our conference interpreters have a specialized professional knowledge, doesn’t matter if it is about a legal-, technical-, economy- or business specialization.


Consecutive/Escort Interpretation


Consecutive interpretation is the perfect choice for business- or partner meetings. The interpreter is sitting between the conversing partners and interprets the original discourse while monitoring the process of the conversation, facilitating fluent communication between Parties and explanation of the discussed topics in the native languages of the participants.

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Phone Interpretation


Phone interpretation is the service to use on occasions when several persons have to communicate in different languages and different locations. Phone interpretation, including the interpretation of communication via phone or online platforms, for example Skype, may be the ideal solution for shorter tasks or assignments.

– Which Interpreting Service is the Most Suitable for Me? –

Simultaneous, consecutive or phone interpreters, Pentalingua provides qualified interpreter services tailored to your needs, in all specializations.

    Based on your phone call or online quote request, our project managers allocate the most suitable interpreting service to your project and prepare your individual price quote. Contact us and our team provides you with a personalized quote as soon as possible.

All of our interpreters accept the strict non-disclosure agreements and protocols. Rest assured – our services are tailored to meet your needs in every way.

Request a quote or call us now: +36 30 318 8399

More of Pentalingua’s Services




Do you plan to expand your business or address your foreign audience? Our Translation Agency is at your service. We help to get your message and products across to your readers internationally. We do localization in all of our working languages. Find out more about our website- and software localization services:




Specialized translations are exclusively produced by native translators knowledgeable in the given specialization. Our services cover the translation of a wide range of specialized documents, including:




The added value of proofreading is that the translated text is reviewed by a proofreader knowledgeable in the given specialty. This can be essential for translations involving specific disciplines. You can order proofreading only – if you feel the translation you ordered from somewhere else has turned out less than perfect – we are here to help. More…

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Why Pentalingua?

Pentalingua’s translator team possesses the required native level language skills and accuracy. Therefore, we continuously expand our clientele. Our customers return to us, regardless of whether they are private customers, small-and medium businesses or multinational companies. The success of our cooperation is the result of continuous communication and flexibility we provide to our partners.

A Few Supporting Arguments:

    attention to detail – while preparing price quotes and while performing the actual tasks

    meeting deadlines – all our projects are delivered on time

    flexibility – meeting challenges makes us more flexible

    constant standards – top quality service, always

    trustworthiness – honest, transparent communication with full confidentiality