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Pentalingua Translation Agency – Legal Translations

Legal translation is one of our main specializations. Agreements, attestations almost always feature legal aspects. Occasionally, even a technical text may refer to a regulation, making legal translation necessary. We work with professional and experienced legal translators familiar with the legal system and the target language necessary for legal translations. We personalize each project to the customer, regardless of whether it involves a lawsuit, commercial- or corporate law, or the translation of official documents.

 ”  Our agency is committed to quality. We believe that handing over an impeccable product to our clients is the best way to contribute to the success of their businesses. “

Our services are available in all combinations of our working languages, for a flat basic rate. Find out more about our popular legal translation services: German legal translation, English legal translation Polish legal translation

Request a quote or call us now: +36 30 318 8399

We know that in addition to accuracy and consistency, trustworthiness is just as important. All of our employees and contractors sign a non-disclosure clause as part of their contract.

Often we take on individual and strict document handling procedures for the translation our clients’ documents, which we perfectly adhere to, accommodating the needs of our clients.

Our legal translation services cover the translation of various documents, such as: Corporate translation  •  Criminal law translation •  Translation of energetic industry contracts  • HR and Employment law translation  •  Real estate law translation •  Letters of Authorization  •  Translation of charters and statutes  •  Document translation for Government Offices •  Translation of business agreements  •  Translation of sell-and-purchase agreements •  Translation of rent agreements • Translation of loan agreements  •  Translation of lease agreements   •   Translation of Court- Police- or other authority reports and decisions

In addition to the translation and proofreading of legal documents, our Translation Agency provides professional legal interpreting services. Find out more about our interpreting services: More...

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We strive for long-term relationships with our clients. Several businesses may need translation and interpretation services on a regular basis. We offer framework-agreements, with client-specific conditions and capped translation- and interpretation prices. Find out more about why our individual agreement option is worth your while. More…





The added value of proofreading is that the translated text is reviewed by a proofreader knowledgeable in the given specialty. This can be essential for translations involving specific disciplines. You can order proofreading only – if you feel the translation you ordered from somewhere else has turned out less than perfect – we are here to help. More…



Specialized translations are exclusively produced by native translators knowledgeable in the given specialization. Our services cover the translation of a wide range of specialized documents, including:



Do you plan to expand your business or address your foreign audience? Our Translation Agency is at your service. We help to get your message and products across to your readers internationally. We do localization in all of our working languages. Find out more about our website- and software localization services:




While providing interpretation and translation services, we carefully choose the expert who suits to your needs the most, be it about a business meeting or -event, or interpreting from the booth. Our Translation Agency is working with the most educated and experienced interpreters. Find out more about our interpreting services:

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