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Proofreading is a review procedure, checking the translation for syntactical and grammatical correctness and style, with the comparison of source- and target documents. During proofreading, the proofreader makes the necessary stylistic and grammatical corrections or makes suggestions for those. A professionally proofread translation complies with the grammatical rules and common use of the target language.

The prepared translation – with respect to the choice of service – is compared with the source text in terms of content, grammar, language use and style. The different forms of proofreading are provided with respect to our clients’ needs, as a supplementary service of a translation or separately.

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Specialized Proofreading

Specialized proofreading focuses on the specific terminology required by texts characteristic to a career field, containing unique expressions of the given field or jargon only known to privies to the profession. It is done by a proofreader knowledgeable in the given specialization. Specialized proofreading entails the comparison of the source- and target documents, primarily focusing on the specialized terminology in terms of correctness, accuracy, and consistency.

Itemized Proofreading

We recommend itemized proofreading for especially significant or special purpose (e.g. publishing, official proceedings) texts. The service includes the sentence-by-sentence comparison of the source- and target texts in terms of consistent use of terminology, grammar, language use and style. For certified translations or translations with an official attestation, itemized proofreading is mandatory.

Academic Proofreading

General- or native proofreading. Native proofreading doesn’t entail the comparison of the source- and target texts, it only serves the purpose of checking the target document for terminology, consistency, style and grammar. Native proofreading is not necessarily done on a translated text. Pentalingua provides the academic proofreading of professional materials, studies, reports, etc… written in Hungarian or in any of our working languages.





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