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Pentalingua Translation Agency – English Translation

Specialized English Translation Services


One of our most relevant services we provide is English specialized translation. Our regular clients ordering this service are world leading companies, administration sector- and EU organizations. Our translations/interpretations meet the highest standards of the English language, from Hungarian into English and on the way around, moreover, in all combinations of our working languages, with a thorough distinction of its British and American versions.

We are predominantly engaged in legal-, technical- and business translations, supplemented by our excellent translation services in terms of industry- and economy-related materials. Our Translation Agency is prepared to provide you with translators of the right qualifications for your needs, both on a case-by-case- and a regular basis.

Our services are available in all combinations of our working languages, for a flat basic rate. Find out more about our popular translation services: English translation, German translation, Polish translation

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We strive for long-term relationships with our clients. Several businesses may need translation and interpretation services on a regular basis. We offer framework-agreements, with client-specific conditions and capped translation- and interpretation prices. Find out more about why our individual agreement option is worth your while. More…

Excellent services in all versions of English language


English language is widely spoken throughout the world, it is the native language of 446 million people. It is the most widely known second language of the world and one of the official languages and the preferred working language of the European Union. It is spoken in many dialects (just to mention the most significant ones: British, American, Australian, Canadian), and, in addition to perfect fluency in English, we require our translators to pay special attention to cultural and linguistic differences, ensuring compliance with the most rigorous domestic and international standards.

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-Essentials of the English-speaking business life and meeting protocols-
American Culture


Americans plunge in meetings with enthusiasm, they talk openly, ask questions about everything they are interested in, they lay their cards on the table. They would like to seal the deal fast, they strive for an immediate result.

The American businessperson is characterized by a monochronic, categorizing behavior. When negotiating, they ‘go for it’ with confidence.

They live their life in the fast lane, punctuality and efficiency are top priorities. During meetings and discussions they prefer factual and accurate wording.

They are very ambitious, put a lot of effort in everything they do. They are direct, open up fast, call their new partner a friend right away, which can be misleading to strangers.

Misunderstandings resulting from the cultural differences of Americans and the British are to be carefully avoided.

American business persons like tables, charts and quotes supported by figures.

They won’t admit if their information is wrong. They are characterized by a profit-oriented thinking, the latter meaning short-term profits.

British Culture


Britons prefer sincere and direct communication. They are polite, with good manners, and they expect the same from their counterparts.

During meetings they strictly separate private- and business life.

In their social interactions they avoid intimacy. Their financial situation and medical condition is a taboo.

Handshake is a basic form of greeting, but they literally keep their distance, longer handshakes are to be avoided. Their dress-code is on the conservative side.

The main characteristics of negotiating with an Englishman: trust, assertiveness and honesty.

The preferred time for meetings is the early afternoon, with a tea or coffee, occasionally a business lunch.

When negotiating, they do it assertively. They argument in a disciplined way, setting a polite tone, avoiding excessive emotions.





The added value of proofreading is that the translated text is reviewed by a proofreader knowledgeable in the given specialty. This can be essential for translations involving specific disciplines. You can order proofreading only – if you feel the translation you ordered from somewhere else has turned out less than perfect – we are here to help. More…



Specialized translations are exclusively produced by native translators knowledgeable in the given specialization. Our services cover the translation of a wide range of specialized documents, including:



Do you plan to expand your business or address your foreign audience? Our Translation Agency is at your service. We help to get your message and products across to your readers internationally. We do localization in all of our working languages. Find out more about our website- and software localization services:



While providing interpretation and translation services, we carefully choose the expert who suits to your needs the most, be it about a business meeting or -event, or interpreting from the booth. Our Translation Agency is working with the most educated and experienced interpreters. Find out more about our interpreting services:

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