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Pentalingua Translation Agency – German Translation

Our specialized German Translation Services


Our translations/interpretations meet highest level German language standards, from Hungarian into German and on the way around, moreover, in all combinations of our working languages, for businesses and private customers.

Demand for German translation and interpretation is continuously growing, predominantly in the financial sector and in the automotive industry. The growing number of queries associated with other topics show this trend as well. We work with specialized and experienced translators, enabling us to deliver the highest quality translations and interpretations in all possible professional fields.

Our services are available in all combinations of our working languages, for a flat basic rate. Find out more about our popular translation services: English translation, German translation, Polish translation

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 We strive for long-term relationships with our clients. Several businesses may need translation and interpretation services on a regular basis. We offer framework-agreements, with client-specific conditions and capped translation- and interpretation prices. Find out more about why our individual agreement option is worth your while. More…

Excellent services in all spoken versions of German


German is (one of) the official language(s) of Germany, Austria, Lichtenstein, Luxemburg, Belgium and Switzerland. Spoken German changes by the country, often by the region as well. Additionally, their cultural differences are not to be ignored either. We require our translators to provide their services with the consideration of relevant cultural and linguistic features, thus comply with the strictest rules of the trade.

The German Way of Negotiating


Germans value professionalism and they expect us to present the facts thoroughly, showing awareness of all relevant information. They don’t like excessive small talk or sales techniques teeming with aggressive ads.

German people prefer sincere and direct communication and they expect the same from their counterparts.

When negotiating, they like facts versus ambiguous and shaky wording.

In most cases, they won’t give you their first names when introducing themselves. The accepted way of addressing people is the use of formal “You”, throughout the duration of the cooperation.

Handshake is the basic from of greeting. A firm handshake suggests trustworthiness. Shake hands with everybody in the room and try to do this in the order corresponding with professional rankings, paying special attention to doing the same at the end of the meeting.

This is also valid for situations when you have to leave before the end of the meeting.

Their business dress code is conservative.

At business lunches, never forget to say “Guten Appetit”, meaning: Enjoy your meal.

The German Way of Conducting Business


There is a distinct line between literary- and official language use in Germany. The way one uses the language reflects his/her education level and professional competence. Familiarity with the official language style, direct and assertive wording are the friends of a foreign business partner in Germany.

Phone is a very important business communication tool, yet it doesn’t replace written business documentation.

They don’t take risks when making decisions, thoroughly analyzing the available facts. During meetings and discussions they prefer factual and accurate wording. As a result, their decision-making process is rather slow.

Business hierarchy is of a great significance. Clarification of responsibilities, departments and roles is a must.

Professional ranks and accurate addressing of partners is very important. Always use professional titles when addressing people.

Punctuality is crucial in German business culture. Being late is considered as a severe disrespect.

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The added value of proofreading is that the translated text is reviewed by a proofreader knowledgeable in the given specialty. This can be essential for translations involving specific disciplines. You can order proofreading only – if you feel the translation you ordered from somewhere else has turned out less than perfect – we are here to help. More…



Specialized translations are exclusively produced by native translators knowledgeable in the given specialization. Our services cover the translation of a wide range of specialized documents, including:



Do you plan to expand your business or address your foreign audience? Our Translation Agency is at your service. We help to get your message and products across to your readers internationally. We do localization in all of our working languages. Find out more about our website- and software localization services:




While providing interpretation and translation services, we carefully choose the expert who suits to your needs the most, be it about a business meeting or -event, or interpreting from the booth. Our Translation Agency is working with the most educated and experienced interpreters. Find out more about our interpreting services:

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