Privacy Policy

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Privacy Policy

The present Privacy Policy aims to record the principles of data protection of Pentalingua Kft., hereinafter referred to as “Translation Agency”. Pentalingua Kft. (service provider) shall be the operator of the Translation Agency and the website pentalingua.com and the visitors of the website shall be the users of the service.

The following relevant and effective Hungarian legal regulations and important international recommendations are taken into consideration in the privacy policy of the service provider:

  • Act LXIII. of 1992 Protection of Personal Data and. Public Access to Data of Public Interest;
  • Act VI. of 1998 on the Protection of Individuals with Regard to Automatic Processing of Personal Data;
  • Provisions of Chapter VIII. of Act XL. of 2001 on Telecommunication;
  • Act CVIII. of 2001 on E-Commerce;
  • Rules of Operation, Ethics and Proceedings of Content Provision of the Association of Hungarian Content Providers;
  • Recommendations of Online Privacy Alliance.

Data Processing Principles

  • Data shall only be acquired and processed in a fair and legal way;
  • Data shall only be stored for a defined and legal purpose and it shall not be used in any other way;
  • The data shall correspond with the purpose of storing thereof, it shall comply with the given purpose and it shall not exceed such purpose;
  • The data shall be precise and up-to-date if required;
  • Data shall be stored by a method that allows for the identification of the subject of the data only for the time required for the purpose of storing.
  • Appropriate safety measure shall be taken in order to protect personal data stored in automated databases to prevent accidental or illegal destruction or accidental loss and illegal access, modification or disclosure.

Protection of User Data

The service provider shall warrant the total protection of the data stored upon the assignment of the users. The data given over to the service provider shall not be accessible (partly or entirely) for third parties. The texts handed over by the users for translation shall constitute exception from this to the subcontractor translators of the service providers, i.e. the documentation handed over for the purpose of performing the translation work. In the case of this latter exception the service provider shall conclude an agreement of confidentiality with the translation service provider subcontractor thereof.

The service provider shall reserve the right to store and use the translation memory generated during and in association with the order of the user for a limited period of time in a form cleared from personal data and the ready translation for the purpose of text analysis required for the fulfilment of later orders. Nevertheless the service provider shall not be obliged to store the ready translations, the documents related thereto, the translation memories, term bases or reference texts.

The service provider shall handle the data of the clients given during registration or in the agreement confidentially in all cases. Such data shall be used exclusively for the following purposes:

  • Contacting the client in relation with the service.
  • Contacting for invoicing and financial settlement purposes.


The service provider hereby declares that it shall handle the data of the users with utmost care, observing the requirements of the data processing principles. It shall not disclose data to any third person excluding the cases when the data is shared as the purpose of the service (e.g. handing the source text of the translation over to the translator).

The data accessible to the service provider is handed over voluntarily and the user shall accept that the service provider records the data thereof. The service provider shall reserve the right to cancel the personal data obtained and let the user cancel it personally. Cancelled data is impossible to recover.

The service provider shall inform the user of the data processed at any time and such data can be seen, modified or cancelled by the user at any time.


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